The route begins in the bullring, leaving for the Calleja del Lavadero. Taking this path, two roads will be left to the left, taking the third (to the left): It is a great slope called "La cuesta de la Molinera". Once up the hill we will find ourselves in the port of La Corchada, which throws splendid views. There is a straight path until you reach some green doors (the Cuatro Valles estate), from there you will have to follow the path parallel to the fences of said farm. We will avoid the road that appears on the right and after climbing the hill we will find another path to the right that we will take to reach the Peñón del Búho. Before we have left on our left the forest refuge of Valdecabezas. Once in the Peñón del Búho we take the path of the same name, and once this finishes, we will turn right, follow the path and after about 200 meters, after a sharp curve, we will find a crossroads. We will take the one on the right, which will take us to Tablacorta. Once there, we will take the asphalted track on the right, until we reach the end of the route, the Garbayuela bullring, about 3 km away.





From the bullring Garbayuela.


Walking; length 10.50 km; duration of the march 2 h 35 min; low difficulty. Elevation 134 m. Circular route.

Coordinates: 39 ° 03'03.3 "N 4 ° 59'35.5" W


  • Vegetation: Mediterranean forest, undergrowth, olive groves and gallery forest.
  • Wildlife: Deer, roe deer, fallow deer, wild boars.


Recreational area in the natural pool of Garbayuela: "Tablacorta".