• Length: 38,80 km.
  • Nº de Stages: 4.
  • Number of locations that make up the route: 4.
  • Values: As its name suggests, this is the route of "the reservoirs", suitable for the contemplation of the immense Siberian river wealth and its varied ecosystems. Numerous ZEPAs and ZECs characterize the area, such as ZEPA "La Serena and Periferic Saws", ZEPA "Embalse de la Serena" or ZEC "La Serena". Besides the incentive to get into the regions of La Serena and Siberia, the route allows us to contemplate the patrimonial and historical set of these lands, with remarkable elements such as the Castle of Puebla de Alcocer, the Hermitage of the Virgin of the Cave or the Roman Ruins of Lacimurga. A dense vegetation of holm oaks, cork oaks, wild olive trees and strawberry trees completes the offer, with the addition of seeing birds such as the eagle owl, the Egyptian vulture or the black stork, among others.



We start from the Costa Sweet beach to cross Orellana La Vieja until we get to the junction of the EX115 and BA 105 roads. We take this last road in the direction of Acedera, about 500 m, and then turn left, taking the Cañada Real Leonesa until you reach the Paraje de Encinas Altas. We turn right to cross the road and reach the old laundry of Orellana La Vieja. Then we will drive through the Parajes del Cerro Talangón and Caño de la Sierra to take the Mombuey road, leaving on the left the Risco de la Mona, until we reach Orellana de La Sierra. We cross Orellana de la Sierra to go to the Natural Place of Chorrillo, place from which we will continue our journey until we cross the EX115 road. After several meters, we take the track of the Huerta del Rey until we reach Cogolludo, next to the Roman City of Lacimurga, where we will cross the Guadiana River. Continuing along the same track, we come to the intersection with the Serrano line in the vicinity of the EX103. We cross this road, leaving on our left the Sierra del Castillo de Puebla de Alcocer and entering Esparragosa de Lares, where we will take the path that leads to the chapel to cross the Sierra del Castillo and reach the other side. There we can enjoy the panoramic views of the castle, then descend to Puebla de Alcocer and finish the route.