To the southeast of Sancti Spiritus , after passing through Risco , we find the town of Garlitos , a town located at the foot of the Sierra del Calvario and bordering the province of Ciudad Real .

Because of its position on horseback between elevations and flat terrain, Garlitos presents a segregated urban structure in two parts: an older one, located in the elevations and a more modern one located in the flat and larger area.

Traces remain in Garlitos of the historical past of this enclave in which the human presence seems to go back to C Alcolithic (2500 to 2000 BC ). S and preserve some of these remains in the area of the Arab castle of Minerva, where paths can also be found cave paintings.

The church of San Juan Bautista stands out in the monumental complex of Garlitos - dating from the fifteenth century and consisting of a chapel built in the seventeenth century by Anton de Pina , following the instructions of the master Juan Bautista de Montenegro - and the hermitage of the Virgin of Nazareth , which are still preserved Roman tombstones alluding to Miró briga . Other tombstones can be found both on the facade of the Old Town Hall and on the façade of one of the houses in the area . Other Roman finds are in the immediate vicinity, more specifically in the area known as "La Minilla" .

Several days make up the festival calendar Garlitos: San Antón (January), San Roque (August), the festivities of Our Lady of Nazareth , which was held in September and which occur processions, verbenas and the "Auction the Paws " , in which the handles in which the image of the Virgin is transported are auctioned, and an austere Holy Week of silent processions.

Among the most representative culinary elaborations of Garlitos are crumbs , escabeche - in Lent especially - and the ajoblanco ; donuts , ears , fritters and canutos in the pastry field and already to end with drinks, wine of pitarra , brandy and various spirits of autochthonous elaboration.



  • OZONO                                                    

Adress: CALLE IGLESIA, 2206656 Garlitos, Badajoz

  • TRES HERMANOS                                            

Adress: CALLE EL SANTO, 906656 Garlitos, Badajoz

Phone: 924636149

  • BAR MANOLO                                                   

Adress: CALLE GUARDIA CIVIL, 39. 06656 Garlitos, Badajoz.



Points of interest:

  • Iglesia de San Juan Bautista.
  • Ermita de la Virgen de Nazaret / Lápidas romanas alusivas a Miróbriga.
  • Lápida romana presente en la fachada del Ayuntamiento Viejo.
  • Lápida romana presente en la fachada de una de las viviendas.
  • Restos del Castillo Árabe de Minerva / Pinturas rupestres.
  • “La Minilla”: Hallazgos romanos.