Practicable Places

  • Medical Office

Address: C/ Triana, 11, 06620 - Esparragosa de Lares
Telephone: 924 633 512
Characteristics: The single-leaf entrance door measures 87 cm.  
Entrance staircase or ramp

  • Pharmacy Lda. María Ángeles Ariza Sánchez

Address: C/ Triana, 5, 06620 - Esparragosa de Lares
Telephone: 924 633 689
Characteristics: There is an entrance with a threshold of 8cm on the left and 15cm on the right of the partition.
Each of the two-leaf entrance doors measures 82 cm. 
The threshold of the door measures 15cm on the right side and 14.5cm on the left of the partition.

  • Parish of Santa Catalina de Alejandría

Address: C/ Iglesias, 1, 06620 - Esparragosa de Lares
Telephone: 924 633 623
Caracteristics: The two-leaf door, each measuring 96cm in width and the right-hand leaf, is divided into a smaller one that is 78cm wide, with a 21 rise in plank.
The threshold of the door on the outside measures 11cm on the left, on the center 15cm and 18cm on the right side of the partition. On the inside, it measures 7cm downhill.

  • Bar Avenida

Address: Avenida de Lares, 06620 - Esparragosa de Lares
Characteristics: The entrance door with two leaves, the one on the right is 56cm and the one on the left is 58cm wide.

Entrance at the level of the sidewalk