We take the road to Casas de Don Pedro. On either side is a farm big game, and the left can be seen the Guadiana river. At km 7, 5 channel of Dehesas is the bird observatory. After 15 kilometers we reach a junction with the road between Talarrubias with Casas de Don Pedro. We continue along the channel of the Pastures, leaving the right the town of Casas de Don Pedro. Some bunkers of the Civil War can be seen in this stretch. After 18 km from the beginning of the route, we will find to the left a path down to the "Laguna de Arroyo Hondo", where you will find another bird observatory installed alongside the dock. Retaking the route canal road, 3 km later found a fork. Turn left, following the channel parallel to Navalvillar de Pela road. After 32 km of the route and we leave the asphalt on a road with cork oaks until you reach a track that will lead us to institute Navalvillar de Pela, final leg of the journey. For the return we just have to go back the same path we have taken for the round.



Talarrubias – Casas de Don Pedro – Navalvillar de Pela.


In the hamlet of Puerto Peña, near km 168 of the N-430, at the beginning of the road leading to Camping Puerto Peña by the trio of main signals. 


By bike; length 32.40 Km; duration of travel 3 h; low difficulty . Des level: 9 0 m. Linear path.

Coordinates: 39°08’18.6”N 5°11’34.4”W


  • ZIR, SPAs and SACs "Embalse de Orellana and Sierra de Pela".
  • Wildlife: Ducks, egrets, cranes, herons, loons and other birds of various banks. Boars. Deer.
  • Vegetation of shore. Alcornoques.


Observatories birds. Recreative areas.